Imagine if you could...

  • know just where to start in building a great, successful brand
  • sell to your favorite people effortlessly
  • confidently tell your story and connect with thousands
  • set yourself apart from your competition easily
  • look and sound like a real pro in your industry and
  • leave a lasting impact and legacy with your business awesome would that be?



Branding can be this big, scary concept. It can feel like only the mega-successful businesses can have a fun, magnetic brand that
connects on every level with their audience, and have people clamoring to say "TAKE MY MONEY!!"

I get it. But it's simply not true.

Tens of thousands of strong, small businesses rule the market today, telling us just one thing...
You don't have to be BIG to have a great brand.
But you do have to get used to becoming bigger if you have one.

A brand that connects and sells to your favorite people easily is no longer a myth. The code is cracked.


The Branding 101 Masterclass



It covers the entire foundation of a great brand, and teaches you the basics of building your own so that you can connect to the people you want to serve, sell more and build a meaningful business.

Because isn't that just what we want? 

To make an impact and difference and to have purpose in our everyday life and work. I believe you got into entrepreneurship so that you could have more freedom, spend more time on the things and people that matter, and leave your unique legacy.




What you'll learn



part 1
Brand Basics

What even is a brand?
(brand vs. logo vs. website)

Is your brand you? Must it be?
What a great brand is and
What a good brand does

Romantic Idea@1x.png

part 2
Brand Discovery

Where to even start building a brand?
5 questions you need to be able to answer
about your brand (and how to)


part 3
Brand Legacy

What is brand legacy?
Brand Evaluation
Elements of a strong brand


bonus 1
Brand Presence

Branding on Social Media and beyond
Do I need a professional now?
Hiring an expert 101
Interactions with other brands


bonus 2
Brand Growth

7-day Brand Growth workshop to refine your brand even further
(which means a better business + more sales!)


bonus 3
Free Email Coaching

Early bird only! 
for first 50 sign-ups

Get to ask as many branding questions as you like and get answered via email
(from 6 Sept - 10 Sept)



RESULT: A fun, strong brand that is genuine, connects and sells.

What you'll get



60-minute video recording
(unlimited replay)


16-page beautiful pdf workbook



AT Just US$47




Who am I anyway?



Hey there! I know I've told you a lot about branding and what this class can do for you... But you don't know much about me yet. 

I'm Kara-Anne Cheng, and I work from sunny Singapore, the modern, bustling city that's a tiny red dot on the world map. I have been coding websites (on Blogspot, Wordpress and Squarespace) for 10+ years now, and in the last 4+ years, helped more than 50 small online businesses launch their brand and visuals.

I work with people all over the world, from Cape Town to New York, and from Paris to Singapore. My clients have $100k+ launches and are authors, business coaches, copywriters, bloggers, photographers and so much more. 

Branding is my passion, and I've harnessed the gems and essence of what I've learned through study and branding real, successful businesses to create this affordable Brand School that's focused on legacy. Because The Petite Co. has always been about legacy.

My heart is for you to build a business that feels good to run, looks good enough to eat, and does a whole lotta good.



1. How will the masterclass work?

The masterclass will go live and available for you to watch on Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12am EST. It will be a 60-minute video covering all the topics mentioned in the What you'll learn section, minus the bonuses, which will go live on 7 Sept and 8 Sept 2017 respectively. 

The training will be pre-recorded for you and a link will be sent to you once the video goes live. You will receive the PDF workbook on Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 12am EST so you can print beforehand and prepare for the training.

A normal, stable internet connection will be all you need. You will have access to the trainings for as long as they are still offered, but you are allowed to download the recording for your own, personal use only. 


2. How do I use the PDF workbook?

You should download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to open and fill the workbook digitally. You can print the workbook right from your browser. I personally recommend printing, so that you can take notes and jot down ideas on the PDF workbook itself. 

The workbook will contain notes and questions for you to follow through during the 60-minute video training.


3. I don't have a business yet. Can I take this masterclass?

You can, because the concepts taught in the masterclass are enduring and useful for any stage of business, but I do think you can get more out of the class if you have a business that you are ready to brand and refine. 

4. I already know about branding. Will I still benefit from this masterclass?

Every business that doesn't specialize in branding (and even if you do, you're welcome to revisit concepts!) will find some gems in the thought-provoking questions. While the masterclass was designed with beginners in mind, it has great information that will be useful for all sorts of businesses, from new to relatively seasoned ones.

If you already have your brand messaging down pat, and a full suite of brand visuals that you use and love, and that your customers recognize you for, then the masterclass may be too basic for you. Otherwise, this masterclass can stand to help all businesses, either if you're starting out, or just want a second, refreshed look at your brand.


5. Will I learn to design my own logo and website in this masterclass?

No. This is purely a class about branding and building your own brand. It will not touch on design concepts or website development. I do talk about color psychology very briefly in the bonus content, but that's about it. You will have a lot of what you need to start an intentional and effective logo and web design process, though!


6. How long will the masterclass take to complete?

The masterclass will take around 60-minutes to watch, and about 60-minutes to fill out the PDF workbook thoughtfully. The bonus 1 video will take about 10-minutes to watch. The 7-day Brand Growth workshop will be sent to your email daily for 9-days.

This Brand Growth workshop is a reiteration of the #SummerofGrowth workshop on my website right now. It is provided free with this course as an additional resource because the content from this masterclass will prepare you well for the free workshop.




If you have any questions, or need anything at all, feel free to email me and I'll reply in a jiffy!