Live Your legacy

90-days of focused, intentional action so
your business can grow with joy and ease



  • Feel restless and want to do something more meaningful with your life and business
  • Want to finally stop planning and chasing after the next big thing (which you never really wanted anyway)
  • Are tired of not having enough money / resources / time to work on your dreams
  • Feel distracted, purposeless and that something is “wrong”, or lack motivation and inertia
  • Often start but not finish, or are not even sure how to start
  • Want to make an impact on others and serve them meaningfully



Why Legacy?


Legacy gives you the roadmap to your life and business - without dictating a certain route or taking away the flexibility that life often needs.

Because you don’t need another workbook or course or how-to. You need your own roadmap.

No more feeling lost, chasing after shiny online fads, or that sneaky imposter’s syndrome. You know what you’re meant to do, and you do it.


Legacy is unique to you - no one else can live your legacy. No one else has the formula to living your legacy, either.

Unpacking your legacy helps you use your unique purpose and strengths to its full potential, giving you hyper-focus to do what matters and connect on a true, deep level.

Legacy multiplies and maximises impact.


Doing something that matters deeply to you is much easier than doing something that doesn’t. Duh, right?

Your legacy is unique and purposeful, so business becomes easy. No comparison. No “wrong” turns.

So growing your business actually becomes joyful. Because you’re doing something you actually want to and were meant to do.


What is Live Your Legacy?


Express Lane Pass

90 days of ultra-focused action - that means getting more accomplished in 90 days than say, 6 months or a year.

This is your “Express Lane” Pass to getting what matters done. 


No Perfection Zone

Compress without the stress. Define the “right” parameters of success, and test (and fail) your way to victory.

Here at LYL, we actually want to fail. It’s the quickest way to progress!

Business BFF + Mentor

Regular check-ins means I am always in your corner, giving you the support you need - whether that’s a BFF, accountability partner or a mentor.

Staying on track has never been so fun.


Month 1:


Start with Legacy Camp, a short and fun video series that will help you quickly answer important ‘heart’ questions, uncover your legacy and apply it to your business.

Here, you’ll also learn how to
brainstorm and mind-map effectively, and start your testing, with your focus already decided.

Month 2:


You’ll learn how to identify your “pinnacle”, a big part of how legacy works. From there, you’ll work out your milestones and how to map out your customer’s journey so you can help them where it matters.

Here’s where you’ll continue testing but improve your efficiency. Testing and failing quickly is key here.

Month 3:


By this point, you’re a PRO at testing and failing, which means you already have a trove of valuable information that you need for your business to grow and flourish.

You’ll focus on staying on track, learning best tips for reviewing so you can finish strong, and repeat this process again and again (but better).




Every single week, choose to either have your call on Mondays or Fridays, depending on what you need. 

Mondays are for getting your head clear and your questions answered so you are ready to roll.

Fridays are for review, and questions you’ve collected over the week.



Guided printable to help you get all your ideas down quick and sieve them for best results.


A monthly / weekly / daily printable planner to keep you on track.



Guided questionnaire to help you consolidate thoughts, so calls are always efficient and helpful.


Printable guide to help you shake things up (especially during the last lap) so you don’t get distracted and keep on keepin’ on.



I was so much clearer on my branding and successfully moved from my VA business to marketing strategy. You literally walked me through everything. I felt super supported during our time working together. I launched my website and my Instagram account. And the customer journey exercise helped me get clear on where I needed to go to meet my soulmate clients. I still use the customer journey exercise up till this day. You are kind, supportive and very dedicated to your clients' success!
Esther Loke

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