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frequently asked questions

To save you some time from waiting for a response, here's some frequently asked questions that you might have that may have already been answered.

For everything else, my (digital) door is always open! 


do you offer a la carte services?

Currently, nope - but hear me out. This is an intentional decision.

I have streamlined my available services so that I can focus on each client exclusively when I work with them (because legacy is serious biznuz y'all!). This focus not only builds stronger and better brands, but also means designs get done more quickly.

Do you work on wordpress/showit?

Also nope, and you guessed it! This was no willy-nilly decision.

As a designer who also developed for many years (it's been 10!), I made a conscious decision to switch to Squarespace because many of my clients simply wanted to do the work, and not take care of all the technical aspects that came with a site that needed manual updating and maintenance.

With legacy businesses, it is all about simplifying so you do what you want and need, and nothing more. Only using Squarespace aligned perfectly with legacy businesses. :) 

How do payments work?

With the branding and website package, 50% of the payment is made when we decide to work together, and the subsequent 50% just before I hand over all the elements on Day 12. 

For the coaching package, payments are made monthly. 

Are designs custom?

Yes, absolutely! Even though Squarespace starts with templates, all Petite website are carefully thought out and created to fit your custom, unique brand. The time frame allows me to work exclusively and one-on-one with you so that we can work together to create your legacy brand. 

I'M new to this, how do I get started?

Shoot me an email using the form below and once we decide to work together, I'll send you a comprehensive guide to help you get prepared! Generally, though, you should be ready to purchase a Squarespace account and be present during the blocked-out time that we are to work together.

wanna send a message instead?

I'm always happy to help!