Grow a business that
feels good to run

Like a refreshing fruity drink on that hot summer day,
the Summer of Growth eCourse is your step-by-step guide to liven up your brand this summer.


Ditch the shoulds and the hustle. You're about to do business your way.

This is not a course that gives you yet another Ideal Client Avatar exercise, or teaches you how to match colors for your logo.

This is a fresh new way to approach your branding - so that you can have a business that feels good to run and does a whole lotta good.


Are you...

  • drained from hustling to find more clarity and direction?
  • paralyzed by your perfectionism?
  • thinking you should have it all together by now, surely?
  • tired of the 187 webinars and 58 different strategies that all claim to be the secret sauce for your business?
  • wishing that you could move your business forward with a clear roadmap?
  • wondering why something that started out so wonderful and full of your creativity could feel so hard now?
  • In need of a fresh start?


New Reality: Business that's fun + makes money + leaves legacy

You don't get there by following all the 9-step formulas and doing what everyone else is doing.
I'll help you figure out how to do it your way.
We'll rediscover and position your brand so that you work your best with the right people.
We'll cut away the excess so you love what's left.


What you'll learn


How to actually measure your worth
(hint: not your hustle or successes!)


Set boundaries for your life
(and do better work)


Be more than just a business
(bring in some meaning)


How to plan and schedule your days
(you're not a robot!)


Refining your web presence
(so you look as good as you feel!)


Going beyond "your job"
(and actually loving all parts of what you do!)


Introducing generosity into your business
(you'll never feel better!)


This is a 7-day free email course that will help you grow a
brand and business that leaves legacy.

Every day for 7 days, you'll receive an email lesson right in your email inbox.

This is for you if you...

  • are ready to make big impact with your small business
  • want to build a brand + business you truly love to work on
  • have had enough of the strategies, and want a roadmap tailored to you so you can do your best work
  • want to grow your business (ie make more money, get more clients) in a way that feels good

And it's all gonna feel like you're at a picnic with your best friends

It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be fun and super worth it after.
Just like talking business with your best friends while having a picnic, on a beautiful summer day.


Who are you?

I'm Kara-Anne, a branding coach and designer for small online businesses who love being small but make big impact. I've done this for the past 5 years, helping 50+ businesses bring their legacies to life. My heart is for you to build a business that feels good to run, looks good enough to eat, and does a whole lotta good.


Why is this free?

Honestly? Because I've struggled with this myself for so long, and it was hard to find the answer. And when I was there, there was also a phobia of paying for yet another course, praying and hoping that it would be the one that brings me out of my misery.

I know that this course can help a ton of people out, so I want to let you have it in the easiest way possible. It's on me. :)

There's other (paid and free) ways to work with me if you need more help.


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