Your Curated Brand

Refine your voice, visuals and legacy and intentionally
build a well-loved brand in 30-minutes or less

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THE CURATED BRAND is a DIY class for creatives and business owners who are well-past beginner. You are ready to elevate your brand and stand out, and create outstanding products or services that your audience love and need. You are focused on working with only the right people, and doing only the work that lights you up and brings you joy.

This class will guide you through how to build a well-loved brand in 30-minutes or less.

You will get a 16-page PDF guide with lessons, questions and space for brainstorming.

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What you'll learn


The class will teach you how to create a cohesive online brand that stands out and speaks to the right people. You will learn about identifying your brand persona, creating a cohesive visual palette, and discovering your brand voice.

You will become a pro at communicating exactly what you do to the people you love to work with.

You will learn to create products and services that showcase your best work and
makes the most impact.

You will obliterate competition and be a cut above the rest.

From the inside to the outside, we will work together to transform your brand into a well-loved crowd favourite. But not just any crowd, the crowd you want to work with.



You'll start by learning how to:

  • Identify who your brand is
  • Craft a brand manifesto
  • Define your brand's ultimate goal

Then, using the Brand Persona, you will learn how to use it to:

  • Design your own brand visuals
  • Discover and talk in your brand voice
  • Create on-point content and social media posts that connect to your ideal clients

And bringing it up a notch, you will use all that you've learned to:

  • Discover your greatest differentiator from all competition
  • Know exactly where, when and who to sell to with ease
  • Cultivate amazing customer experiences for the long haul, and
  • Start building a brand legacy that leaves positive impact.


12.00 27.00
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